During the 1960's…while many Bronx teenagers were doing mainstream type dances (the twist, the jerk) The teenage Black Spades created their own sub culture, their own dance 1967 -1974…mimicking james brown's song soul power, the Black Spades would shout "Spade Power" … While forming a circle in the middle of a party..the Black Spades would then start to stomp the floors and do wild flips and spins during the breakdown parts of songs….Doing innovative dance-moves during the breakdown parts of songs became a trend around the Bronx…As a immigrant to the united states kool herc analyzed this new bronx street dance culture…kool herc became a deejay and began to play only the breakdown parts of songs, extending the breakdown parts of the songs for hours…making the breakdown, longer…The younger generations, 1974-1978... teenagers like the "nigga twins", clark kent, james bond, sha sha and tricksy began to drop down and do dance moves on the floor…soon this became a trend as teenagers would focus on floor moves while the breakdown parts of the song was playing…These teenagers focusing on floor moves became known as "break boys" (b-boys)..Evolving from the Spades wild stomp dance, "Breakdance" was born 1974/1975 …In the Soundview area of the Bronx, Mario (One of the Original Black Spade leaders) formed his own B-Boy crew called Chuck City…afrika bambaataa formed a B-Boy crew called the Zulu Kings…At 21:27 Mike G. and Cholly Rock teach about how it was back in 1975-1978 when "breakdance" first started.