My respect and remembrance for GEEMAN will forever be an inspirational and honorable reality in my life!  Which will never leave my heart!  And that of those other wonderful and special memories when he was a true original TBB ROCKING CREW member, from one of the first chapters ever first in the scene in 1975.
GEEMAN never expresses any verbal discussion out in the open about TBB's decision making.  Only in private times with me.  It was all out of respect.  He never wanted to give his fellow members the wrong expression that was trying to tell their resident on how to run the crews policies, ect.. However, in private subjects in my conversation with GEEMAN he always tried to give me valuable and important knowledge and issues that he wanted for me to add to policies of our crew.
He was four years older then me and indeed wiser.  And when he tried to give me better substantial ideas on how to make the crew function in a more positive and considerable level, I would naively disregard his words of wisdom by changing the subject to some other irrelevant issue.  But, not once did GEEMAN ever looked upset or disappointed from my disregarding ways toward him. 
GEEMAN had much respect for me.  We were best friends.  He was truly a proud TBB ROCKING CREW member.  All that mattered to him as that he was a strong part of TBB ROCKING CREW.

When TBB ROCKING CREW started to enlarge in 1976 and 1977 he had noticed a bad change within the crew.  He had noticed in what direction the crew was heading toward to which a few years ;ater after we broke up he told me "Damn BATCH TBB became self destructive", but at present time while we were still in existence he kept telling me again and again to straighten up THE BRONX BOYS.  ANd again and again i kept disregarding his idealistic concern for the sake of TBB ROCKING CREW's future and it's directions.

By 1978 I started to feel the crumbling of TBB ROCKING CREW.  And all along GEEMAN stood strong by my side, and supported me and my decisions.  GEEMAN never turned his back on me, even when he had the right to do so.  IN 1979 I sat down with him on a bench in Echo Park in the Bronx to talk about some personal issues i was having with THE BRONX BOYS.  GEEMAN had noticed that what we were going to talk about wasn't good, because he saw such a troubling expression on my face.  I told him that i was having some difficult times trying to keep TBB ROCKING CREW in an organized fashion and away from the negativity that the crew was heading toward to.  As I was in the process of explaining to him what i was experiencing with THE BRONX BOYS, he gave me this direct look like if he already knew everything that i was talking to him about THE BRONX BOYS, he gently looked at me straight in the eyes like if saying "this is what i've been trying to warn you about all along"...then he spoke out and sadly said BATCH you have created something special that one day will go down in history, something beautiful, but at this present time BATCH you are not going to be ble to understand what i really mean..."  I looked at him in a confused and puzzling manner for about five seconds and then i asked him "so where do we have to go from here?"... his eyes got watery and he held his breath for a second and then in a real low tone of voice, with one hand on my shoulder he said "BATCH it is time to let go, you hear me kid?"

In the summer of that same year in 1979 with an empty feeling in my heart I broke up TBB ROCKING CREW.  GEEMAN a down to earth TBB ROCKING CREW member all along wanted to be just that a "proud member" of THE BRONX BOYS ROCKING CREW.  He wanted the very best for his people, and always showed it.  He knew all along that i was a gifted young man.  He admired my ability for how I manage and maintain an ARMY of wild young people.

The bigger TBB ROCKING CREW got, the less I was able to control it.  I owe GEEMAN these words even thought no one ever really knew these things.  But I id and by me sharing these past experiences of mine with others it frees my state of mind completely from any guilt that GEEMAN has left in my thoughts the day he passed the way.  GEEMAN who had his share of many downfalls from the misdeeds of our ghettos in out society had also a troubled lifestyle, like many of our fallen angels.  In any event though, GEEMAN as many of us that knew him personally was a true gentleman, and no one could ever take that away from him.
He once told a group of us in TBB "if you guys are truly TBB ROCKING CREW brothers like I am then I should always be a part of your hearts!  Since my heart belongs to TBB ROCKING CREW for life!"  Following those devoted words of his he had only a crazy big proud smile on his face.  I'll never forget that moment.

Sometimes some of us create meaningful and bright ideas which help us find the excellent things in life.  But sometimes we become focused only on the magical things we were gifted to put together and we neglect the importance of the things that came along with the gift that were put forth in front of us to become truly successful at...

Blessed are the peace makers, for they will be called to guide and protect the gifts and security of others.

Dedicated to GEEMAN with all my heart!


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