SOLO138-On behalf of BATCH from a letter written to me....


In the meeting held in St.James Park in 1979 when I broke up the TBB Rocking Crew and Jimmy Lee turned his TBB burnside division to Rock Steady I asked him why that name? And he simply said to me: "Batch, because TBB Rocking Crew was always Rocking Steady!

The first Rock Steady shirts were brown with white letters, and on the bottom of the shirts Jimmy added TBB to let the people know that Rock Steady was actually still The Bronx Boys.

In my years since I knew jimmy he was a true TBB Rocking Crew Vice Pres, from the heart! he loved The Bronx Boys deeply. In Jimmy's heart, to him, Rock Steady was actually acting as TBB Rocking Crew. I can honestly tell you this much about my brother jimmy Lee. Jimmy Lee was always breaking other crews apart for TBB Rocking Crew when we would go battle against any crew out there back in those old school days. And when I made the decision to break up TBB Rocking Crew jimmy tried to convince me not to. He wasn't alright with my decision but respectfully accepted it since I was the pres of TBB Rocking Crew back then. And when I did, I left him without any other choice but to take his division and change the name of TBB Rocking Crew to Rock Steady which he had named it back in 1979.

As for Crazy Legs, I honestly admire him, and I have nothing but love and respect for him. Especially for his honorable position today in the world of Rocking/bboy, and for his love and part on the history of Rock Steady. In fact, I am a true fan of his. And lets continue to keep in mind that Crazy Legs was, without question, the main one to continue the original foundation of Bronx Rocking/bboy...

So, just for the record, let me assure all you today in the Rocking communities that I only speak for what is right and fair, and for what TBB Rocking Crew sincerity stands for.
The positive good thing about TBB Rocking Crew is that we have many devoted members that will always support its commuities, and they will see to it that The Bronx Boys will never be left out of the important part and role that we played in the history of Rocking/bboy,
which we have been a true part of since 1975.

l am BATCH God Father of TBB Rocking Crew.


JoJo Co-Founder of The Original Rock Steady Crew and Original 1976 Bronx Bboy 4 LIFE...

At first I was a one man b-boy show, I did things by myself as far as b-boying went. So, one day this DJ named Sisco came by to tell me that there was this crew up the block by the name the CC Crew. So I asked my brother b-boy Easy Mike to come with me to meet them. As soon as we got there, there was this black kid sitting there in the hall way. I went up to him and asked him, "where is b-boy Spy and Shorty rock" and he asked me "why". I told him "I am here to take him out" and the black kid ran upstairs and came back down with the whole crew. At first Easy Mike and I were like damn, but then we looked at each other and said "lets do this". So, we battled for a while and the battle ended in a tie. Spy then asked Easy Mike and I if we wanted to get down with his crew.
In mid-1979, When Bboy Easy Mike( My brother )and I both part of The C.C.Crew at that time stop hanging out with Spy and Shorty Rock and started reppin for ourselves.Shortly after is when i met Jimmy Dee at my boy Ricky D's crib,Jimmy and I became real close Friends,and when Jimmy Dee found out that I was a Bboy he asked me to show him how to dance. I started teaching him and later became a good Bboy. At a jam in J.H.S 82 where Dj Whitehead was Djing is where I met Jimmy Lee. Jimmy saw me and asked if I could show him how to get down,I told him to meet me at my crib the following day so we could get started and he did. Soon after between the four of us started a Crew called the Untouchable Four Bboys. One day Jimmy Dee and I were at his crib came up with the idea of starting a New Crew because of other Bboys wanting to get down,so we came up with a new name The Rock Steady Crew. I remember The Rock Steady Crew being formed in 1977 the same year as the famous New York City blackout, but after speaking with Bboy Easy Mike(My brother)and Bboy Spiderweb(Ex-Bboy partner) recently both reminded me of The Rock Steady Crew being founded in 1979. In 1981 a chapter was given to Crazy Legs to take to manhattan and by the time of the Lincon Center Battle against Dynamic Rockers Jimmy Dee and I were the last remaining Original Rock Steady Crew members and the rest is HISTORY. I want to take this time to show love and respect to the other crews reppin the Bronx, The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew, C.C.Crew,and StarChild La Rock.

Sorry for my misinterpreting the years and crew members.

JoJo Co-Founder of The Original Rock Steady Crew and Original 1976 Bronx Bboy 4 LIFE.

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