Zulu King Pow Wow (Zulu Nation/Soul Sonic Force MC'S)

ORIGINAL Zulu Kingz Pow Wow. Thanks to Pow Wow for paving the way for the bouncy toprock style that we all do in Breaking.

"A lot of cats don't know this, man, but they weren't calling it B-boying. They were called Boi-oing kids. And Boi-oing kids went to B-boying, and B-boys went to break dancers; and MCing went from MCing to rapping. And we were boi-oing kids, man; that's what we were." - Pow Wow

Zulu Kings
Ahmed Henderson 
Pow Wow Zulu Kings (creator of tha double leg sweep)POW 
WOW (Zulu Nation/Soul Sonic Force MC'S)

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