Early Rockers names from Kool Herc (Cedar Park/Party era)

Dj Shake
Ty Boogie
BBoy Spice Nice
Eldorado Mike (Rip)
Cadillac Mel
BBoy Sparky Dee
Dead Eye June (june june)?
Bat Mite ?
BBoy Pay
Hot shot Kev
Sunny Mun
June June
French Wiz
Billy Guy
BBoy Carl
Dj Clark Kent
Amazing Bobo
James Bond
Sau Sau
Grand Mixer Dst
Phase 2
Afrika Islam
Mc Melle Mel
Almighty KG
Mc Pebblee Poo (1st female B Girl)
Imperial JC
Red Alert
Boo Ski (One of the 1st puerto rican bboys and mc's)
DJ Breakout
Sha Rock
Afrika Zammbu
DJ Spivey
Dj Izicaataa
Raydeen (RIP) (Dj Izicaata' brother)
Break Beat Lou
Dj Disco Wiz
Grand Master Cassanova
1 Eye Andre
Janice from the west side.
Wallace Dee
Lee Ski D
Monk (zulu king ?)
Prince Paul
JB (and the JB dancers)
Chuck Chuck City Crew (dj's rockers, bboys),
Dancin Doug - Polo Grounds
Little Johnny ?
Scotty Bop?
Timbo Rock?
Russ Russ ?
Sweet Duke?
Dice 198 (Electrified Movement)?
Sisco Kid
Robby Rob
Big Glen
Brooklyn Brian (with his shuffle spins and hat rock)
Infinity D
Tom Krew
Lady Kazan (was one of the first girls in Kool Herc's parties 1974)
Walter (from the Plaza Tunnel who came out with the leg drop you see latter day b'boys go into foot work with)

70s beat boys names (mid late 70s)

Kid Terrific -Sure Shot Boys
Markie Dee -Sure Shot Boys
Magnetic Ron - Executioners
Daris, Kid - Executioners
Sorceror, - Executioners
Greggo - Executioners
The Light Brothers
Ice Ice - The Shamrock Crew
Ski Jump - Executioners
E-Man - Executioners
E-Boy - Executioners
Dollar Bill - Executioners
Eveready - Executioners
Greggo - Executioners
Poodle - Executioners
Poe Boy - Executioners
Spivey - Executioners
Douggo - Executioners
Donald D - Executioners
Dice - Executioners
Ritz - Floor Master Tops
Sharky - Floor Master Tops
Chino Chan RIP - Floor Master Tops
Tin Man - Floor Master Tops
Baby - Floor Master Tops

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