The Bronx Boys est. (1975 - 79)

Zulu Kings est. (1973)

StarChild La Rock est. (1977)

Crazy Commandos (burnside ave)

Master Plans (165th street)

The Apache Crew

Rockwell Association

Floor Masters BK park slope (Mad Filthy Dogs)

Floor Masters top (spanish harlem)(lil zip) est.(1976)(zip was the leader of this crew.)

Floor Lords (brooklyn)

Seven Deadly Sins (7DS)

Kc Crew

The Disco Kings

Shanghai Brothers

Rock City Crew est (1978 - 80)

executioners est.(1976)

float committee est.(1976)

The Mexicans (mexican crew) ( Burnside Ave)

12 o'clock crew

The Chosen Few(12 o'clock crew's B-Boy Division)(183 and aqueduct park!)

#1 Sure Shot Boys est. (1976)(Amsterdam house's 61 St. Manhattan)

The City Boys ....Freeze Force

3D Crew ...Speedy D ...Zubang

Imperial jc's crew (The Red Devils)

Fantastic Four

Dc crew ?

Four Ace's

The Midnight Rockers

The D.A. Boys

The Light Bros

The Shamrock Crew

Young City Boys

The original Dynamic Rockers

Mitchel projects crew phase2

The Untouchable four


East side juniors

East Side Breakers

Rock City Rockers

Roman Nights Crew

Commodore crew (1978)The Commodore Crew CC in late 1979 Pex

Chuck Chuck City Crew (dj's rockers, bboys)

Def City Boys (thats tha joint souce)

Universal Crew (thats tha joint souce)

Cold Crush Crew (thats tha joint souce)

Masterminds Crew

Family Force ? pex

Roman Knights (nights ?)

Down Boys Crew - lil zip ((1979-84)

Night Dancers (pex info)

RCA Rockmasters in1976?

Latin Knights

Incredible Crew (1979)

The Players

Fast Break Freshest (1975)

Rock Boys

All Star Rockers

Little Rudy and The Nine Crew. ?

Rock Boys.

Monterey Crew

One Man Crew 

The Suicide Crew


  1. I notice that in all the talk about breakdancing and its history there is not much mention of The Mexican Crew nor the 12:00 o'clock crew. These two groups helped pioneer an era of b-boyism to the point of practically imploding as a crew. I'm talking about two crews that lived and breathed the streets....for instance-The Mexican Crew (TMC) was made up by a bunch of runaway kids that had decided that living in an abandoned building was more desirable than the home life they currently had.These crews definetly brought the drama when they were on the set and their b-boying was on the edge and inspiring.A few of the alleged godfathers of breakdancing originated from one of these hardcore street crews. I imagine that they would prefer to distant themselves from these b-boys due to the fact that the majority of them went on to become hardcore criminals. I know these things because I was there and sadly I to became a bad product of the times. I can also point out a few of the so called leaders whom went this route but that is not what this comment is about....I JUST WISH TO GIVE MAD PROPS TO THE MEXICAN AND 12 O,CLOCK CREW.HIP HOP WOULD NOT BE WHERE IT IS AT IF IT WERENT FOR YOUR HARDCORE GRITTINESS. THANK YOU IZZY 183RD BX

  2. Hey I (E-T aka Terrance Barrow) was one of the Original Co-Founders of the 3D-Crew which started on Burnside Ave in the Bronx. It was My self, Speedy, Kendu, and a few more. I got a few Pix. I remember performing for pay at Broadway international (Harlem) Roxy's, The Underground, RoseLand, and tones of other places. Speedy and I was featured in a German Magazine while auditioning for Beat Street, Awesome times and amazing people. I remember we (The 3D Crew-ET-Speedy-and Flex) battled the Electric Company (Mr Freeze, Fable and Mr Wiggles) at Holy Cross on University Ave in the Bronx and Mr Freeze created this new version of the worm. and Speedy had perfected the Cigarette Trick, fable and I Battled for Popper status. It was so much fun. Overtime I see someone do a move that I or other original B-Boys Created, I smile on the inside. Mid 70s to the Mid 80s E.T. B-Boy 4 Life Peace to the OGs.