Mr Freeze RSC

Mr Freeze Creator of the UBC (The Ultimate B,Boy Championship) one of the 1st Og B,boys from the Bronx
The goal of the UBC is ultimately to create professional athletes like the NBA, NFL, UFC etc. In the greater scheme of things, the UBC is also taking breaking to another level which will inspire more to create, inform and grow! This is an art form practiced by a younger demographic, yet still appreciated by tail end Baby Boomers, and that covers quite a broad range of interested people. Dancing is a positive form of self expression. Unlike all of the other typical images shown on TV, the UBC gives our children teenagers a positive release of expression that is active and therefore healthy for their bodies, minds and souls….The 1st UBC gave away $50.000 CASH to the best crew & $10.000 CASH to the Ultimate B-boy.

Other events spend millions of dollars on venues, but yet give the B-boys min amount of cash, oh & lets not forget the Prizes.
The question is do they really care about the B boys & Girls?
Or only about there product.
I assure you, UBC will change the game up, we will be payed and sponsored the way any professional athletes are..
The preservation of integrity is ensured by the creator of the UBC, Mr. Freeze from the world famous Rock Steady Crew. His strong dedication is devoted to maintaining the purity of the culture in the competition process, therefore, producing the Ultimate B-boy or B-girl……..For years B-boy competition have been trying to weed out the creators and dismissing them as anyone credible…people are trying to control this style of dance by giving it unnecessary rules..
those days are over.
B-boying will be taken back to the Grass routes and will remain pure.(The days of a gymnast contortionist or Yoga dancer will never be able to win UBC as we are looking for Real B-boy's & Girls.

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