B Boy Generations

Notable early b-boys included Klark Kent, The Amazing Bobo, James Bond, Harrison, and Tom Krew, Sau Sau, Ricksy, Jon Sizzle, C.LeFevre, The Nigga Twins and El Dorado Mike,Bboy Axe, Bboy Kick, Bboy Skull, Bboy Wolf and Bboy Tun. These dancers predated what we now know as the B-boy foundation, but they created the backdrop that inspired younger dancers to develop the moves that are used today.
Second-generation B-boys include Phase 2, Melle Mel, Mr Ness, Breakout, D.S.T., Pow Wow, Beaver, Spy, Sundance, Jo Jo , Jimmy D, Trac 2, Mongo, Off, Vinnie, Spivey, Cadilac Mel, Weeble Rock, Blue eyes, and Joey. These B-boys developed much of the uprocking, footwork and freezing now recognised as integral to B-boy style. Their early spin moves led to the first power move, the backspin.
Third-generation B-boys include Ken Swift, Frosty Freeze, Rip 7, Take One, Ty Fly, Flip Rock, Chino, Kid Float, Lil' Lep, Crazy Legs, Kid Freeze, Mr Freeze, Icey Ice, Doze, The late Buck 4, the late Kuriaki and the late Kippy Dee. These B-boys created most of the basic moves which are today considered foundation. -PLUTO7

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  1. Nice information. It's too bad you do not mentioned the real names. Do you know any about the real names? And you know wich one they staying alive today? Thanks so much for to share these kind of information.