Touch Of Rock Est. 1976

Late 1974 when I started to transform from my Gang days to the Rocking. Chilling with my sister Mickey who inspire me to Rock by bringing me out to a church hall dance ..where I saw the dance Rock and fell into a trans for the dance Rocking Iwas only 14 years old hanging out with the street Gangs all over the streets of Bushwick and Is like I have always said The Lord had use my sister Mickey to bring me to this Church hall not to pray that time but to find my salvation because with Gods will the dance Rock save my life if it wasn't for this dance what have I chosen instesd or where would I be today... this pic describes the transforming of the style of clothe my first pair of ProKeds when I hunged up my mc boots my first pair of dress pants. When I hunged up my dirty jeans the white tee shirt that I wore under my gang vest colors ..BABY KINGS.. and the outlaw hat...a couple of month later I got reed of the hat started my DA and when out to that church hall and devoted myself to rocking I started rocking in my living room for a month or so than took it out to the street Linden Park than as the months past I flew on my own and ended up at the club where it was all ages kind of...Call the Joint my first expirience with a real club and a real Battle. I confronted a rocker by the name Papo from Dynamic spinner .. Papo Sevensevenfour who became an insparation to me and brought me to a level to be the best in what I was seeking about this dance by facing him as a young rocker ..you see today no one would burn or humiliate a young dancer but back than if u step up to a rocker you were calling them out a bad choice if you ask me but an amazing learning expirience...I thank God for using my Sister Mickey Torres La Rubia who lead me to this road...that today I could write this story..Ken Swift is working on an amazing project that relates to many stories like this from many amazing dancers and real people telling there stories my blessing with that... and this is one of my story durring my rocking journey...God Bless..Buz Touch of rock

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