Grand Wizard Rasheen

Dj Mercury, Grand Wizard Rasheen, and Mikey D

This is Hip Hops Supergroup ELEMENTS OF HIPHOP (with no ego intended only facts - check out the breakdown) To the left "Dj Mercury"youngest dj to ever have a hiphop radio show at the age of 15, former member of funkmaster flexs' Big Dawg Pitbulls ( former Dj of The X Clans' Professor X (r.i.p) and now Fm radio show personality. Middle photo is Dave Adderson aka Grand wizard rasheen" who had the 1st hiphop radio show in Philly, also invented the philly battle style of dj'ing 1st to put the turntables to the side, and is also the mentor/teacher of Dj Jazzy Jeff / Dj Cash Money and many of the legendary philly djs, is responside for bringing hiphop to philadelpia pa, PERIOD! lol (currently doing FM radio as well) 3rd to the left is "Mikey D" from La Queens, he is the mentor of LL Cool J, even gave Cool J his name. Mikey D was a member the the HipHop group L.A Posse and went on the the 1988 new music seminar and defeated Melle Mel to win the title of best mc worldwide supremacy, he has the belt to prove it lol. Recorded with the legendary Paul C, then went on the become a member of the legendary hip hop group Main Source. He went on the also bless the stages of Soul Train. Stay Tuned to 89.7 FM for NEW EOHH music

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