Invented moves that came from 70's

Invented moves that came from 70s:
Shorty Rock cc crew-6 step
Spy (Crazy Commanders)
-4 Step
-CC Rock
-Baby Freeze
-Baby Bridges

Crazy Legs(Rock Steady 79)
-1990 (2nd version)
-Backspin(3rd invocation)
Trac2 (Star Child La Rock)
-Bicycle Pumps
-1990 (1st version)
Robbie Rob (zulu kings)
Ken Swift (Young City Boys)
-Air Baby
-Plank freeze
-Elbow Slide
Swane (Zulu Kings)
-Head Spins
Jojo(Cc Crew/freelance)
-Backspin(1st version)
Mongo ( The Bronx Boys)
-Backspin(2nd innovation)
Weeble Rock (The Bronx Boys)
-Hand Glide
Rubberband (The Bronx Boys)
Batch (The Bronx Boys)
3 Step

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