This is just a little intro to Graffiti Rock Powerful Pex wrote...

The scenes were set and was ready for the first take opening up with DJ Graffiti Rock. This had to be pre planed with a genius mind like Micheal Holman doing this planning for years and investing his money it was his baby all the way. We seen Brim and he came up to us and we all said whats up Brim he has been with us from the beginning of our quest to fame.So yeah no doubt the job fell to him I said dam Brim the characters are fresh he smiled with a B-boy grin and said thanks PEX. I ask him who build this set he said some construction workers. You see we never got involved or asked or got into others people business if you wasn't in our loop.We left you alone I seen this from a far it was like a battle was going down as they all walked on to the set everyone out to show what they know. To see this much talented people coming together with there gear I seen people from like every club I was ever in on that set from Roseland to the danceteria to Roxy’s in straight up battles in this show you felt the tension.But for one day it was all gone and they formed up as one whole unit crew the Graffiti Rock crew corny but true you had to be there to feel the vibes. And all the breakers poppers electric boogiers, dancers B-boys from all over New York City Then the camera’s moving down to them and with soul. Kool Moe Dee. With a few words with commanding voice that made you listen clearly Resisting “Now it’s for the people all over the world “ Special K followed up with To see rapping breaking DJ’s Stars it’s gonna give you a shock.
(Powerful Pexster) Graffiti Rock chapter intro..The end of the paragraph,The book Powerful Pex is still writing coming out great taking his time cause this is the real deal from what he experience.Whats in this book is history written by one the people that made this dream reality god bless you all NYC Breakers

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