DJ AJ Scratch

DJ AJ at the Ecstasy Garage Disco 1980 
photo by Charlie Ahearn

RIP to DJ AJ Scratch...He was Chiefrocker Busybee's DJ back in the day then went on to DJ for the legendary Kurtis Blow. Whats crazy is he once said he went to an early Kool Herc jam and gave herc the live in augusta sex machine LP,herc asked what he wanted for it and he said " yo just shout my name out one time on the mic with the echo...i want my boys to hear my name"...lol...yo how real is that?? 1st time i met him was at a outdoor jam in the south bronx @ 23 park by Tyree Pressley maybe around 86. He saw me spin and afterwards was like "yo shorty u nice" and i was like oh shit fckin AJ just gave me props..lol..im a teenager and after hearing him on all those old school harlem world & T connection cassette tapes with busy bee to later pop-locking to his song AJ Scratch in 84...by 86 he was somebody who had made it as far as i was concered. Salute -DIAMOND D ditc

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