Kool Clyde

Kool Clyde:
Growing up from the mid 70's, Clyde was part of the Shaka Zulus, which were known as break dancers, and the 'Lil Gestapo Crew, better known today as the Universal Zulu Nation, which transcended from the Black Spades. Hip-hop was born from the Black Spade and we used hip-hop music to escape the violence of being in gangs. He came from the background of graffiti and break dancing, with various graffiti artists known as the Kings of the 6 line (train) such as Elkay TLP, Jap 115, Con, Slim, Karado 135, Crime2 NTA, Seam, Phade (the Shirt King), KC3 & KC5, Hallow Rock, Soda 727, Comet Blade TMB, Shy 147; Foe, Sin, Game & Royal of TNT, Seen UA, Sach 167, Teen, Kase, Lee, Zephyr and Dez (better known today as DJ Kay Slay of Hot 97). Clyde was known as SO1 & Sade 5 TGA. Clyde got his name from the Legendary James Brown's hit song, "Give It Up, Turn It Lose" (Sex Machine). Some of the break dancing artists were, Clyde's brother John Boy/Peabody of the Zulu Kings, which was one of Afrika Bambaataa's number one b-boy breakers, Puppet Master, Beaver, Suni, Afrika Zambu, Skirpy and the first female breaker Zulu Queen Trina, just to name a few.


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