The Freshest Kids: The Latin BBoy Godfathers


  1. Yo whats up my BBoy Brothers, Damn you guys have my bboy legens hands down.everyone thats in this videos especially Richie "RSC"yo we Rep Hartford Connecticut where Freak-A-Zoids was the number1 poppin&Breaking crew we even went to try out for the the contest in order to be in the movie Beat street .we lost but we felt good because Richie seen us breaking at the Roxys at the semi finals.if you guys want to do a story on us.we were Big legends in this bboy era call me Chewy-da-Barber860 cell#860-281-8413 my name is jose Davila but people call me chewy.

  2. Chewy_da_barber860 is my Instagram name so check me out there ok Richie ir whom ever wants to do a story on the Freak-A-Zoids in Hartford Connecticut the 1st top dogs of the breaking era