One of the first Puerto Rican B Boys

Born in the Bronx, he was one of the first b-boys of Puerto Rican parentage to set his step into the transcending world ofHip Hop as a break dancer. Boo Ski’s dance and musical excursion began while he was in junior high school with his childhood friend D.S.T.
In 1972, Boo Ski began break dancing while attending P.S. 12 Lewis & Clark School in the Bronx with friends in the school gym. Boo Ski formed his own break dance crew with neighborhood buddies from the Edenwald Housing Projects located in the North Bronx.
In the mid-seventies, Boo-Ski, D.S.T. was known as A-1D Rock, and Charlie Rock (aka) A-1 Charlie would participate in battles against Zulu Nation members like Pow Wow (from the group Soul Sonic Force) at the Bronx River Center in the mid-seventies. They formed the first uptown b-boy dance crew known as Zulu and Boo Ski introduced D.S.T. to Bambaataa in 1975.

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