Phase II (exerpt from Alien Ness Blog)

Phase II (exerpt from Alien Ness Blogg/ Website)
I acknowledge everyone who was noticed from all around the scene. Little Johnny, Sa sa, Clark Kent, El Dorado Mike, The Twins, Doris and Janis to name a select few.
We owe props to the undercover cats that definitely had significant influences even if there names were not on the D.J.s lips:
Scotty Bop, Timbo Rock, Russ Russ, Sweet Duke, Dice 198 (Electrified Movement) there's no question that when they were in a jam everyone knew it. You had cats like Sisco Kid and Robby Rob, Big Glen, Walter from the Plaza Tunnel in the very "beginning" who came out with the leg drop you see latter day b'boys go into foot work with. Brooklyn Brian with his shuffle spins and hat rock. Infinity D. Say what you may. If you don't know (even those of you who were somewhere but not everywhere) now you know. Being around next level cats and even the cats you love to hate because they are mad corny charters, bring out the best in you.
Link to original source for these quotes alienness.blogspot.com/

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