Lovebug Starski

Lovebug Starski
With a career that began in the early '70s, Lovebug Starski has performed in nearly every hip-hop club throughout the New York area. Born in the Bronx, Starski began his career as a record boy in 1971. After years on the scene, Starski became the house DJ at the famed club Disco Fever in 1978. Soon thereafter, he began DJing at Club Harlem World and the Renaissance. Branching out to vinyl, Starski recorded his first single, "Positive Life," on Tayster Records. Soon after, he recorded the soundtrack to the 1986 film Rappin' on Atlantic Records before recording his first LP, House Rock, on Epic. A five-year jail sentence curtailed Starski's activities throughout the late '80s, but in the '90s he began DJing again with old pal DJ Hollywood.
Starski was probably the best party rocker of his time, he was one of the 1st DJ/MCs and was also known for coining the mc rhyme "Hip Hop ShooWop Da Bop". Starski is rarely given props for his accomplishments in Hip Hop, but his crowd rockin style gave way to many Djs and Mcs.

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