words from true (phase 2)

words from true (phase 2)
When Brooklyn cats started bombing, they were just killing shit -- they didn’t have so much style, but they were killing shit. MAD had nice letters, with these balls on the bottoms. PUGH and ROGER were nice. But you weren’t really tripping over cats being super fly back then -- only a few were. It was more about killing shit. STRUT was another one. FLINT did a piece that was ridiculous, influenced a lot of shit. Even influenced RIFF.
Cats from BK would come up, hang at your house, know your moms. Everybody knew each other’s families. You’d go out to parties together. The fiber of their lives was just like ours. The crew I started was cats from all over. Everybody wasn’t black, either. I had four or five white cats. BILLY 167? Come on, one of the nicest ever. We also white writers like NIC 707, AJAX, JOHN 150, and ALE 1.

Which crew was this? Because you had the Fabulous Five, and then the Vandals...
This was the INDs -- the Independents, the Indestructibles. The whole idea was to get all the baddest cats down, DYSON 98. RIFF 170, BOT 707, PELO, KING 2, PNUT 2, CHECKER 170. STICK 1, KINDO, KILL 3/IN, who started all that throw up shit. CLIFF 159, JESTER 1. HYDRA 1, DYNAMITE 161, APOLLO 5, ZEST. One time I saw a train that said FRESH IND, I was like ‘damn, I don’t even know, is he down with us

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